Providing better understanding and set of tools to effectively and proficiently assist those finding sobriety and self sufficiency.

In my experience, I have found through conversation with PRC’s from other credentialing agencies that they would have more preferred to utilize the track and access provided by MHAI.
– Allen

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

I wanted to be better informed on treatment methods and ideologies in dealing with others in recovery. Thanks to MHAI Stanley W. DeKemper Training Institute, I now have a better understanding and set of tools to effectively and proficiently assist those I help in finding sobriety and self sufficiency. The staff are always there when I don’t know an answer. I not only have a new career that I love, but I also have everything I need to thrive in it.
– Eric

I learned so much from the facilitators and the people in my class! Kept our zoom training very interactive, amazing class!
– Jasmine

This course made me better as a professional and a leader and most importantly, equipped me with the knowledge, the ability, the empathy, and the confidence to serve people in recovery better. This course helped me reframe my way of thinking and most importantly provided me with the tools to make impactful change in our community in regard to recovery and stigma. Hands down, the BEST recovery training I have received thus far.
– Shawn

Peer Recovery Ethics Course

There is absolutely no doubt that the material covered in this course is vital information to my career as a peer recovery specialist.
– Michael

Many skills in educational learning experiences such as motivation interviewing, trauma informed care and so much more!
– Shane

It showed me the new style of being professional still has the core values of human decency and respect.
– Chrissy

Peer Recovery Supervision

Peer supervision gave me wider view, a different perspective, things to consider!
– Jennifer

I am now a supervisor!
– Jonathan

MAT Education

Helped me gain my credentials.
– Brittany

It gave me a huge store of information and shared experiences with other therapists.
– Phillip

Evidence-Based Practices

This course provided me with a clearer understanding of what evidence-base practices are and most importantly why it’s important to implement such practices. Immediately after the training, I was able to share with my staff the changes needed to ensure we are serving our residents well.
– Shawn

Mental Health 101

As a CADAC II I have had several clients who are dual diagnosis. The course I took allowed me to refresh myself as a co-occurring disorder specialist.
– William

Understanding the Science of Addiction

This course provided me with helpful information that equipped me with a clearer understanding of addiction and how the brain is affected.
– Shawn

Cultural Competency

Allowed me to ethically do my job better.
– Jesse

Advancing Addiction Recovery

My clients are sometimes individuals who face a history of addiction. This training better helped me gain the viewpoint of my clients and what they may be feeling.
– Callie