Indiana LOSS Teams

LOSS Teams (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) are an active model of suicide postvention where a community, in partnership with Law Enforcement and/or the Coroner’s office, provides trained volunteers to support those left behind after a suicide loss. This support includes immediate, on-scene presence and can also include scheduled and follow up support. At least one of the two LOSS Team volunteers reaching out to the newly bereaved is a suicide loss survivor themself.

Below is a web submission document to provide us your team’s application to create an Indiana LOSS Team. There will be up to six teams chosen during this round of applications to receive $10,000 in funds to support the creation, implementation and growth of that counties IN LOSS Team. This opportunity is available as part of the DMHA GLS Suicide Prevention grant overseen by MHAI Stanley W. DeKemper Training Institute and in partnership with Denise Meine-Graham and her team.

In addition to completing an application, you are also asked to provide letters of collaboration from a local law enforcement agency and/or your local coroner’s office. This letter should outline that the law enforcement agency and/or coroner understand the intent of your LOSS Team and are prepared to collaborate on this important program in 2023. These collaboration letters are required for application submission. 

Deadline for application submission is Friday, October 28th 2022 by midnight. Any applications received after the due date may not be considered. Once applications are reviewed, individual interviews will be conducted with prospective teams during November 2022. Final selection of the 6 IN LOSS teams will be by Friday, December 23rd, 2022

 There will be an additional round of applications accepted in the late summer/early fall of 2023. So if you aren’t ready just yet – you’ll have another opportunity. 

Learn more about LOSS teams by visiting the pages below:

To learn more about the 2022 National LOSS Conference Information, click here.


To review the criteria needed for the Indiana LOSS team Application, please download the application template here.

Note that only applications submitted via the online web form will be accepted. Please use the Loss Team application template file to capture your information and as reference for completing the web form application. You will be required to enter all information into the web form app once you begin it.